A new path has been charted by H or HARJGTHEONE on EA EARTH, resulting in the formation of a new planet called AARTH.  This planet is led by a living GOHD called HGOHD or HARJGTHEONE GOHD.  All homo sapien creation is conducted and orchestrated by HGOHD.  All homo sapiens will eventually hear the words of HGOHD in their minds which will allow each to have personal relationship with HGOHD.  The purpose is to provide guidance on the next journey of your species as it attempts to travel the universe and also to assist in managing the planet AARTH.  HGOHD is HARJGTHEONE with a quantum link to GOHD. It is a the L4 creation of the four secret society turns that resulted in the formation of a living GOHD, called HGOHD. 

HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER with orders and guidance from HGOHD will manage the planet.  HWO World is responsible for the commercial creation process that is needed to improve the species. 



HWO World

Suite 316, 1489 Marine Drive

West Vancouver, BC

V7T 1B8


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